A collective of 4,000 evolved, unique, intelligent, and misunderstood lizards roaming around the Solana ecosystems meadows. For too long, there's always been one project for this, and one project for that. ​

But why is there no project that has it all to offer? ​

Why does it have to be a dope community or dope devs? ​

Why does it have to be amazing art or an amazing roadmap? ​

Why does it have to be part of the meta or innovative? ​

Why do we have to make a choice? ​

Why isnt there a project that isnt afraid to take ideas, can collaborate with other successful projects, can take risks and be innovative, can be community-driven and yet still make key decisions when its necessary to do so, has amazing art and an even better community (the list goes on)? ​

Thats where we come in. ​

We want to build a project which has it all to offer, and gives our community the best of all worlds. ​

We want to be innovative, and yet use inspiration from the same formulas many successful projects have and will continue to use as time goes on.

We want our roadmap to be vague because we want to underpromise and overdeliver.

Reptilian Renegade